Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you learned in school.

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VittArth is an initiative by the PGDM students to present and share well researched insights and informed views on the economy, banking industry, industry analysis and financial markets pertaining to India and the world in general.
Konsult, the newly established Consulting Club Of NIBM, wishes to leverage the pre-existing consulting synergy of NIBM, and equip students with Skills, Connections and Problem Solving acumen required to thrive in the consulting world.
VittNivesh is the dedicated student-driven asset management initiative with a corpus fund that invests in various asset classes with an objective to bring in respectable returns.

Recent Post

QGLP Analysis of Clean Science & Technology Ltd.

#Stockpick Hello Everyone! StockPick for this week is Clean Science & Technology Ltd. Clean Science and Technology are one of the trusted manufacturers and exporters Fine and Specialty Chemicals in India Since 2006. Clean Science And Technology Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2006 as a family-owned business enterprise.Credit – Dharmaj Anajwala Follow the report…

OTT Industry

With enhanced networks, more robust internet connectivity, and multimedia service-capable mobiles, the presence of Indian subscribers on over-the-top (OTT) platforms is increasing day by day. In India, the OTT user base is dominated by Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. Indian OTT market is set to reach Rs 237.86 billion (US$3.22 billion) by FY25,…

QGLP Analysis of TTK Prestige Ltd

#Stockpick Hello Everyone!  StockPick for this week is TTK Prestige Ltd TTK Prestige was incorporated as a private limited company on October 22, 1955, in Madras (now Chennai) under the name TT Private Limited. It began the manufacture of pressure cookers in 1959 with technical collaboration from the Prestige Group of the United Kingdom. The company…

Future of Digital Rupee

Recently, in its Budget 2022-23, the Government of India announced that its central bank will issue a digital currency as early as 2022-23. It is one crucial decision that most major economies are refusing to make in a hurry.The arguments in favor of digital rupee claim that an electronic representation of India’s legal tender will…

Edible Oil Industry

India’s generation of used cooking oil has nearly doubled in the past ten years along with doubling per capita edible oil use. Edible oil use, created both in homes and in large food manufacturing and service businesses, is the residual oil from frying and cooking.The Indian edible oil sector is fragmented, with 13% of oil…

QGLP Analysis of Bata India Ltd

#Stockpick Hello Everyone!  StockPick for this week is Bata India Limited Bata India Ltd is the largest footwear retailer and the leader in the footwear industry in India. The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and trading footwear and accessories through their retail and wholesale network. Their products include leather footwear, rubber/canvas footwear and…


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