Konference Vol. 1: “Life in Consulting – In and Out”

Konsult-The Consulting Club of NIBM inaugurated its webinar series, Konference: The Consulting Masterclass this Sunday, 11th October 2020 by hosting Mr. Nitish Shukla from Bain & Company.

Mr. Shukla is currently an Associate at Bain & Company. Having previously worked for companies like KPMG and JP Morgan Chase & Co., he has a great appetite for solving problems in the “Konsulting” way. He is also a KPMG Six Sigma Green Belt and a Google Analytics Certified Professional.

Mr. Shukla enlightened us all by sharing the following insights of the consulting world:

  1. He gave a brief introduction as to how consulting interviews and case discussions are held and how we should approach them.
  2. We also got to know how to filter and approach consulting firms according to job descriptions.
  3. Last but not the least, he guided us as to how one should approach a problem, which can not only be used in the consulting world but in our lives as well

He said and we quote, “Life in consulting is fast and the more you work, more you party”.

Konsult extends hearty gratitude to Mr. Shukla, who took time out of his busy schedule and shared deep and wonderful insights with us all. Thank you so much sir, we hope to see you again and hopefully, on our campus too.

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