Making Markets Work for you!

This article is authored by Ms Deepila Shenolikar

The point of this article though is to make sure, that irrespective of what you think your definition of “Investing” is, it stays linked with the core understanding of your finances and needs.

Many of you who have been considering investing in or already invested in the market knowing that it is meant for long term goals. It subjectively varies goal to goal considering the timeline allocated for each one.

1. Constant watch over returns

We believe to generate an optimal return with a reasonable expectation from the market with every asset class, but not to forget to keep the tap on goals.

2. Not having your asset allocation in place

Investing in the market without any plan for the rest of your goals putting your financial well-being at risk. Don’t forget the short-term and long-term impact and allocate the best strategy.

3. Not knowing when to enter & exit the market

Take a note, the maker does have a history of beating inflation, but it comes at the cost of volatility.

Focus on entering the market at the right time and address the uncertainty that comes with timing the withdrawal.

Final word

While there are many things that one needs to keep in mind when investing you may avoid the biggest pitfalls.

More About Deepika – Deepika Shenolikar is CFA (ICFAI) and Risk Professional. She believes in continual professional growth and her primary interest lies in analyzing investments, learning nuances of financial markets. For any queries or follow-ups, you can connect with her through LinkedIn: Deepika Shenolikar.

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