Konference Vol. 3: “Consultant Life and How to Build a Career Around it”

Konsult-The Consulting Club of NIBM hosted the third episode of the webinar series, Konference: The Consulting Master class on October 24, 2020, by Mr. Pratik Ranjan from BCG. Mr. Pratik Ranjan is currently a senior associate at Boston Consulting Group. Mr. Ranjan is a mechanical engineer, and during his graduation, he ran a social initiative, “PURGE” to turn NIT BHOPAL campus polythene free, and also achieved his goal within a year. He also worked in the supply chain department of L&T. After completing his bachelor’s, he joined one of the prestigious institutes of India IIM Lucknow and completed his MBA. He had also served INSIDEIIM.COM that is a popular online platform among B-school aspirants, as a content strategist during his MBA.

In his wonderful session, Mr. Ranjan had provided us various crucial and detailed insights about the consulting world that are as follows :

  1. He gave a detailed explanation about what is consulting and what does a consultant do
  2. He also made us aware of the skillsets that are required for becoming a consultant.
  3. He also threw some light on various processes involved in consulting interviews of big consulting firms.
  4. He shared his experience by showing us the way of approaching the guestimates.

We extend our hearty gratitude to Mr. Pratik Ranjan, who spared time from his busy schedule to grace the occasion and shared his experience of consulting with us.

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