Kontour- The Consulting Workshop (Ep 1)

Episode 1: Learning the art of cracking guesstimates and case interview!

Konsult – The Consulting Club of NIBM, seeks to harness the institute’s core competences, equipping students with skills, connections and problem-solving skills necessary to thrive in the consulting world.
Konsult brings to you its very own series of workshops-KONTOUR.

It hosted its first episode on 8th November 2020. As a part of this workshop, we had the pleasure of hosting Kriti Gautam, IT consultant at HighRadius.
Ma’am, gave a deep insight as what should be the approach towards consulting interviews. She explained to the participants how do they prepare for case interviews and the guesstimates.
She certainly had the audience peaked with the mock interview session. It helped the participants understand every little aspect of the case interviews. It gave them the real feel and helped them understand the entire process better. The more important aspect of how to approach a problem, with a defined structure, could turn the tables for the interviewee.
Also, the brief explanation of various consulting certifications and live projects helped the participants know the avenues of widening their knowledge and scope.

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