Cafe Coffee Day

Konsult – The Consulting Club of NIBM brings to you a Case study on ” Cafe Coffee Day “.

Every millennial has had coffee at least once in the Cafe Coffee Day (CCD). That’s how big and influential the brand was, but after the entry of Starbucks, the competition grew tough. Our good old CCD couldn’t keep up with the new trends and slowly started going away from our sight.

The shocking news of 2019 was when VG Siddhartha, CEO of cafe coffee day, committed suicide. Malavika Hegde, the wife took over the reins in December 2020. As a phoenix burns and rises from its ashes, so has the CCD under her leadership bringing the humongous debt of 7200 Crore down to 1731Cr in a short span of 2 years.

Credits: @Harsh Barnwal, @Hrishikesh Malekar and @Pritesh Singh

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of NIBM, Pune.

The content is the personal view of the authors and does not reflect the views of the organization

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