Business Model of Instant Delivery Services

Konsult – The Consulting Club of NIBM brings a Case study on, the ” Business Model of Instant Delivery Services”.

The increasing rise of Instant delivery services like blinkit, instamart and many more are booming in India.

The online delivery boom in 2020 supported the emergence of a micro-industry of instant-need players, competing with more established operators that typically offer longer delivery windows for a share of the expanding online delivery market. Investors are betting on instant needs, with many companies securing significant seed or sequential financing rounds since the beginning of 2021.

Let’s know more about their business model.

Credits – Prakhar Sharma, Ayan kanji, Abhilash dive

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of NIBM, Pune. The content is the personal view of the authors and does not reflect the views of the organization.

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