Telecom Industry

The Telecom industry in India is the second largest in the world with a subscriber base of 1.17 billion as of July 2022.
India has an overall tele-density of 85.11 %, with the tele-density of the rural market at 58.37% while that of the urban market is at 134.78%.
By the end of December 2021, the total number of internet subscribers increased to 829.3 million (narrowband + broadband subscribers), out of which 37.25% of the internet subscribers belong to the rural areas.
The number of broadband subscribers has increased to 807.42 million as of July 2022. The average monthly data consumption per wireless data subscriber has also increased by 22,605% to 14.97 GB in December 2021 from 61.66 MB in March 2014.
The Telecom sector is the 3rd largest sector in terms of FDI inflows, contributing 6.44% of total FDI inflow, and contributes directly to 2.2 million employment and indirectly to 1.8 million jobs.
100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has now been allowed in the Telecom sector under the automatic route.

Credits – Sohan Chaudhari and Gurdeep Singh Khalsa

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